Basic Overnight Oats

Below is the recipe of my Instagram-famous overnight oats. I'm sure my fourteen followers will be delighted. I keep mixing things up, it's never the exact same recipe, so feel free to add your own touch, they are always good.

White Tiger

Perfectly timed. My last blog post was published exactly a year ago today. I could say I had gone on a sabbatical, broadened my horizons, travelled the world in the company of a white tiger and explored ancient ruins and civilisations while my hair remained perfectly tousled after each adventure, but sadly, the truth lacks excitement.


Below is the beautiful editorial I shot with Emily Charlotte Greene, Marina Granville and Róisín Lavelle, from Distinct, and that was featured in yesterday's Sunday Business Post Magazine. Which makes it my first publication in Ireland as a stylist. 

What's In A Name?

There’s no doubt makeup has a wide variety of uses. For some it’s about enhancing, while others seek a more drastic change. But there’s always a transformation, regardless of the intensity.


Two weeks ago I met with Darren and Niamh again. We ventured into the south this time. Daunting, I know. Armed with provisions, we camped in Killiney for the day to shoot along the beach. There we found Bronwyn, our little mermaid.

Behind the Scenes

A little teaser to display one of the outfits I created for last week's fashion editorial. Bonus points to anyone adventurous enough to identify what our model is wearing. For now, let's consider this an excuse to milk my Instagram shots and celebrate that I haven't uploaded a double exposure picture for a change. 

Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore

Nurturing, inspirational and full of personality. Those are some of the words that Isabella Blow’s friends repeat the most when talking about her, so it is no surprise that they can also be used to describe the exhibition “Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!”.

Club To Catwalk: London Fashion In The 1980s

It does not feel like a coincidence that the David Bowie exhibition at the Victoria & Albert is being followed by “Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s”, a tribute to the underground club scene of the decade which demonstrates the influence it had –and still has– in fashion. 

The Impossible Fashion

Youth and innovation, the eternal analogy. When in the late 50s haute couture started to lose its supremacy, it was because the young changed the rules of the game. Street style had made it into couture for the first time, and also for the first time, tables had really turned, putting designers, the youth and avant-garde movements on the same page.

Kaffe Fassett: A Life In Colour

“Life enhancing”. Those are the words that Kaffe Fassett repeats the most during the interview. And it does not come as a surprise since the knitwear designer is extremely devoted to enhancing his and our lives through the use of colour. 

Grand Opening

As the domain and big banner say, my name is Paloma and I'm a model and neophyte fashion stylist. I'm also an expat, since I moved to Dublin last month, but at least I'm done with all the paperwork and I'm no longer an alien.