White Tiger

Perfectly timed. My last blog post was published exactly a year ago today. I could say I had gone on a sabbatical, broadened my horizons, travelled the world in the company of a white tiger and explored ancient ruins and civilisations while my hair remained perfectly tousled after each adventure, but sadly, the truth lacks excitement. It's all just a simple coincidence, I continue living in Ireland and still have no trusty four-legged companion. Or perfect hair. 

Nevertheless, I feel a short update is mandatory. There have been so many things I wanted to write about, but without a proper background I didn't know how to start and they never materialised. As they all seem to be linked in one way or another, I'll start from the beginning. 

I love food. I adore cooking, eating, reading and talking about it. Probably a lot of it comes from my culture, since we celebrate life around a table sharing a meal and words with our loved ones, but my way of looking at it changed when I began to develop an interest in healthy eating. Learning about different ingredients, techniques and how foods affected our bodies helped me to take care of myself in a way I hadn't done before, but also to be aware of how long they had to travel to end up on my plate, who had grown them and how. 

Then food led to exercise, even though I had always avoided any type of physical activity. I used to equate gyms to torture chambers, which probably makes me masochist now because I tend to work out four times a week and thoroughly enjoy it. I had completely neglected my body for years not using it for what it's meant to do, move. 

My approach to fashion came next. I've always loved its artistic side, but as a consumer I could see that my attitude should change. I realised that when I went food shopping I tried to buy local and fair trade produce when possible, hence it made sense to extend it to other aspects of my life. So I decided to educate myself about sustainable fashion and that opened Pandora's box. 

Which links with the next topic, clean beauty. I have suffered from allergies for as long as I can remember, and years ago I managed to keep my dermatitis at bay by avoiding certain ingredients. But if I was eating right, exercising and attempting to be a thoughtful customer, cosmetics played a crucial role too. I was already having a minimalistic approach to skincare, but considering that the skin is our largest organ I started to read labels more carefully and to learn more about the brands I was using. 

This has been the journey so far, with no tiger or ruins, but full of findings I'm excited to share.

Photo: Borja Bernárdez